Day 5 of #7DG2018 was an exclusive one! Here’s how it went down: By 5pm, people’s alarms started ringing: the notifications were one and same- It was time to start making their way to the House of the Lord for yet another divine encounter. The people were effusive in their obedience! By 6pm, the Auditorium had been packed full! The people were ready. Their focus was incisive. Their excitement was palpable. It could not be reined in!

The people effusively confessed the Word of God. The message from the previous day had seated deeply in their spirits. They confessed that they grew in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. They declared that their growth was evident to all. They declared that they were no longer babies tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. They declared that they were Sons- the exact ones whose manifestation the world was waiting for. They promised that God could trust them with his dreams and purposes. God heard them.

It was a worship experience as The Gratitude, The Avalanche and The Makarios extolled the Name of the Lord in worship with the people joining in. They gave Him all the Glory. They poured their love on Him like a perfume. They gave Him their all in worship; they were His in the first place. God rejoiced over the people with singing. He was pleased with their worship, the evidence was tangible. God’s Glory nestled the Auditorium.

Pastor Modele- the one whose prayer life has revived the prayer altars of many- came up stage. The saints weren’t ready for what happened next! Pastor Modele like a true Mother eagle, took the people to another height in worship! It was an almost surreal experience! There was a total switch in the atmosphere!
Pastor Modele took her reading from John 4: 35 (NKJV, NLT) and the people joined in the reading. Pastor Modele began to teach the peoples….

Message Highlights
God is the Breaker of protocols.
He can bypass process and the natural order of things and cause things to happen for you suddenly.
One thing God is particular about for a believer is his/her vision.
Vision is the ability to see clearly.
Vision is also knowing exactly what God wants you to do per time.
Vision is knowing the mind of Christ and putting it to work. If your vision is affected, everything about your life will be limited (Isaiah 43:19 NKJV)
Lack of vision is destructive. It can affect your speed, your image, your coordination and your final outcome in life.
Pastor Modele told the people that God had the tremendous ability to do exceeding great and mighty works in their lives. She however gave a word of caution: If you can’t see it, you can’t tap into it. She explained to them that the way to see in the Kingdom was to believe.

Pastor Modele narrated a faith experience that provoked the faith of the peoples. She told them of how she got scriptures on abundance, fruitfulness and success in a time where her life was the exact opposite. She told them she set those scriptures before her and began to see the reality of them. Today, to the glory of God, her testimony speaks! Faith burned in the hearts of the people.

Pastor Biodun, the Shepherd over the House came up stage and led the Church in a fiery session of prayers. He declared some dangerous words over them and told them he was expectant for their testimonies. He called for the tithes and offerings and God’s people came out to honor the Lord with their seeds.
Service ended with The Gratitude charging up the atmosphere with praise as the people left for their respective homes. Day 5 was really an exclusive one!!!

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