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There is no better way to come to the presence of our King Immortal than to come with praise and thanksgiving. This is the attitude and the mindset the people of God began the Seven Days of Glory with. The people overjoyed by the faithfulness of God for the first half of the year began the service with a high praise singing “I’m chasing after You, no matter what I have to do; cause I need You more and more”, The Seven days of Glory is a mandate that the Lord instructed the Senior Pastor -Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo to set aside the first seven days of the month of July where the people of God wait on the Lord and Pray giving thanks for the first half of the year and to reignite our strength for the remaining part of the year.


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Reading from Sis led the people to declare that “
• The glory, beauty, majesty, splendor & royalty of the Lord shall be revealed in my life – Isaiah 40:4-5
• In this next half of the Year you bestow upon me Grace and Favour, splendor and peace and no good thing shall be withheld from me – Psalm 84:11

The Avalanche took the stage leading the people to a high level of worship singing “Tyre Tribbet – You Alone”, “Donnie McClurkin – I call you faithful”, “Donnie McClurkin – Great and Mighty is our God”
In the midst of the High Worship our very own Mother in Isreal, Took the stage and charged the people raising their spirit language and took the worship to the next level singing “Hosanna in the Highest”,
“2 Cor 3:18 – As I do all that am commanded to night my life, health will not remain the same, the veil has been put off.”
“Father in the name of Jesus, I believe therefore I receive your Word, that as I receive your word tonight I become more and more like you”

“O Lord My God, when I in Awesome Wonder”


Bro Alex reading from Ezra
Ayodeji Olusanya – testified how God miraculously cancelled a wrong examination report and gave him another where he cleared all his papers.
Timi Akinsoji – During Pastor Korede Kumaiya’s Ministration in 2014 7DG, He tapped into the Word of the minister and God provided with him miraculous increase that he got a new car and started making income in Eight Digits. Also during Dr Mike Murdock’s ministration in 2015 7DG he tapped into the ministration and God gave him presidential connection and he started getting contracts from highly influential people all over the nation.

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Ministering to God and to the people of God the Best and Heavenly trained, Holyghost filled Choir – The Avalanche as a special ministration rendered “The Blessing of Abraham” preparing the people that the blessing of Abraham is upon them and they are about to position aright during this 7DG.



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Our Anchor and Mighty Man, the Angel and Light of COZA, the world renown Apostle of Excellence our very own Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo, took the stage to set perspective for the people as they welcome the Apostle of Faith, a father of Faith and resounding author – Bishop Bill Winston.
Reading from Isaiah 51:1- 3, 16, 20
Foundation to building Faith in the Blessing:
• Accept that from this point forward your opinion does not count. Mark 1:14
• Don’t try to understand it, of feel it before you receive it.
• Know that Impossible is where your stuff is and with God all things are POSSIBLE.
• Once you receive it you can achieve it
• You are a whole lot bigger on the inside than you are on the outside.
• Do not despise small beginnings. – Job 8:7
• We have a God that has the answer before the problem ever came.
• Heaven has the best solution for you.
• Don’t adjust the Word to fit your lifestyle, adjust your lifestyle to fit the Word.

• Genesis 1:26 – 28, Genesis 2:7, – The Blessing is different from a blessing.
• Proverbs 10:22 – The Blessing is going to bring Wealth, without sorrow and toil.
• God can command The Blessing Deuteronomy 28:1 – 2, 8.
• All you have to do for The Blessing is to hearken unto God’s Word and do what He says.
• Faith demands that God be your only source.
• You cannot kill someone who has THE BLESSING.
(The full message is available at the COZA Word Factory)
Rev Biodun led the people in a moment of activation, praying in their prayer language to activate the Spirit of the Word as spoken by Bishop Bill Winston. Reading from Psalm 1:1-3 he made clear that the part of the Blessed man is set in where he gets his counsel from.
Singing “Thank You Thank You Lord for everything you have done” Rev Biodun invited the people with their tithes and offering. Singing and dancing to “I am Blessed” the people gladly offered their dance, praise and offerings to God thanking him for blessing them with the blessings of Abraham.13533085_10153775493207058_2360951193929907711_n 13567527_10153775492712058_3707444569686489509_n 13521835_10153775492912058_8848220992561539556_n
Immediately after, the glorious offering of praise and dance God, Revd. Biodun Fatoyinbo went to the communion table and named it the communion for “The Cup of Blessing” and declared that anyone that partake of this cup that there is an activation of the work on calvary with this He declared release into what God made us to be and we walk in the fullness of the blessing. He prophesied that the people will do valiantly in the second half of the year. The Avalanche rendered “DONALD LAWRENCE- The Blessing Is On You”” while the people took the Communion with gladness and joy and received strength for the days ahead. The first day of the seven days of Glory was completed with an awesome time in God’s presence as the people stepped out of the auditorium with their strength renewed and their passion rekindled.

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